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The Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) has developed performance standards for architectural grade wood doors determined by duty levels. The duty levels are based on the amount and severity of use. There are three levels, Standard, Heavy and Extra Heavy Duty. Some examples of applications for each duty level are as follows:

Standard Duty: Low usage office doors, closets or private restrooms
Heavy Duty: Assisted living, office entries or medical exam
Extra Heavy Duty: Classrooms, hospital patient rooms or dorm rooms

To determine the duty level of the product WDMA has developed standard test methods which include tests such as direct screw withdrawal and cycle slam. The following chart show the Oshkosh door constructions that have been tested per the WDMA performance requirements with links to the product data sheets as well as the performance test results.

WDMA Duty Level Oshkosh Product Description Oshkosh Product Data Sheet WDMA Performance Test Results
Standard Duty GP (Standard Particle Board Core) Note: Extra Heavy Duty with Blocking 100 100-1
GF (45, 60 and 90 min Mineral Core Fire Doors) Note: Extra Heavy Duty with Blocking 200 200-1
GW (Agrifiber / wheat core) Note:Extra Heavy Duty with Blocking 700 700-1
Heavy Duty GPHD ( Heavy Duty Particle Board Core) 103 103-1
Extra Heavy Duty GPEHD (Extra Heavy Duty Particle Board Core) 104 104-1
GPF (Formaldehyde Free Particle Board Core 101 101-1
GPFSC (Formaldehyde Free FSC Certified Particle Board Core 102 102-1
GT (Structural Composite Lumber Core) 300 300-1
GTFSC (FSC Certified Structural Composite Lumber Core) 301 301-1
GSFSC (FSC Certified Stave Lumber Core) 400 400-1

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