Acoustical Doors

Built for silence

Busy streets, disruptive machines, loud animals — you name it, we’ll silence it. Go above and beyond the natural beauty and draw of wood doors by adding an acoustical element. Measured by laboratory testing of the door per ASTM E-90, the results are reported as STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating, affirming the doors ability to meet specific project requirements.

For sound looks and performance, count on Oshkosh Door Company for your acoustical door needs.

STC ratings available STC 31 through STC 47.


STC Rating Speech Heard Through The Door
25 Normal speech can be heard quite easily
30 Loud speech can be understood, normal speech heard but not understood
35 Loud speech audible but not understandable
41 Beginning of privacy, loud speech audible as a murmer
45 Loud speech barely audible
50 Very loud sounds such as musical instruments faintly heard

All STC ratings below are based on operable unit testing, which is an accurate real-world evaluation of the door’s sound reduction capabilities. For environments requiring higher sound transmission specs, trust Oshkosh Door Company’s experience in acoustical commercial doors.


STC Rating Chart


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