Custom Doors

Make every door your own.

Your doors are a canvas and together we can create something stunning. Oshkosh Door Company has experts who can design anything you envision.

Nothing commands attention like a substantial sliding door. Handsome barn doors and immaculate hardware complement a variety of spaces from office meeting rooms to restaurant partitions.

Oshkosh Door Company can adapt to almost any width, height, size, or spec to cover your grandest opening.

Oshkosh Door Company offers direct print imagery through an exclusive relationship with DOORfx.  Create a unique environment by using high quality imagery for both visual and emotional impact. From fine art designs to intricate textures, patterns and design effects anything is possible with our team’s help.

Finishing doors with any paint color under the sun lets you define a space.  The ideal solution whether you want your opening to blend in or stand out.

Think of it like a puzzle… sketch faces are created when veneers are intentionally placed to form a desired pattern of colors and textures. The result, the ultimate in dynamic finishes.

Natural light perfects the ambiance of a building. Not only does it attribute to the design, but glazing also serves as functional in many applications. When the Oshkosh Door Company team factory installs lites you save time and are guaranteed a quality installation.

Add elegance to a space, with custom applied moulding doors. The quintessential design choice for those looking for a sophisticated interior door.

Adding depth to a door is easy. Louvers can provide function while adding a sophisticated touch. No matter the width or height of your opening, Oshkosh Door Company can install custom louvers in your doors.

Endless opportunities to create memorable solutions.

Let us tackle your next project. Contact our team.