The lightweight heavyweight.

Oshkosh CorGuard FRP doors can stand the test of time with prolonged exposure to water, salt, harsh chemicals, or other elements. Exceptional performance specifically designed to resist mistreatment while fitting perfectly into your design, these doors are the real deal.

This very lightweight (60lbs. for a 3 0 x 7 0) yet extremely durable core is our most widely used core.

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Meeting the standards of the Florida Building Code.

Strong winds, torrential downpours, and flying debris are no match for the hurricane tested toughness of our CorGuard FRP door. Sturdy cores and durable face materials are seamlessly constructed to meet the rigorous test standards of the Florida Building code. CorGuard FRP doors provide you with safety and security without compromising the appearance of your project.
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Nothing gets to it.

Graffiti. Scratches. Dents. Bangs. Our CorGuard FRP extra heavy duty doors deflect it all. These doors stand up. The combination of extra heavy duty cores and durable face material maximizes structural strength and impact resistance in schools, hospitals, dorms and more.

Our unique manufacturing process prevents warping and stands up to high-demand uses.
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Oshkosh CorGuard FRP is the right choice for long-lasting and durable fire-rated doors. Our doors are designed and tested to meet ASTM™ fire codes while standing up to high traffic and harsh elements.

At the heart of the door, solid mineral core is composed of a proprietary mix of various minerals, fiberglass, and inert binders. When conditions are extreme, rely on Oshkosh CorGuard FRP doors.

Doors are available with a fire rating ranging from 45 to 90 minutes.

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Busy streets, disruptive machines, loud animals — you name it, we’ll silence it. Go above and beyond the long-lasting appearance and durability by adding an acoustical element.

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