A fitting finish for every application

Smooth Face

A sleek, versatile, high quality paint finish that seals out contaminants in environments such as hospitals and labs. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

When properly maintained Oshkosh CorGuard FRP doors deliver long-lasting, high quality appearance and can withstand any surroundings, including strong ultra-violet rays. Factory finishing is available in several standard colors and custom matched paint colors. For your flexibility, CorGuard FRP doors are also available with a primed finish.

Pebble Face

Pebble facing extends the life of your doors through a dynamic textured finish. It provides extreme durability when exposed to situations that usually leave scrapes, dents, or dings. Ideal for use in schools, industrial facilities, and more.

Like all of our CorGuard FRP doors, you can depend on them to resist rust, corrosion, and bacteria growth.

Pebble face doors offer the seamless construction you’ve been in search of.

These graphic color references should be used as a guide when selecting a paint color. They do not supersede the submission of physical samples for final color approval.

Note: Pebble faced doors may appear slightly different in color from painted frames due to their textured surface and the scratch resistant coating.

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